Aestus MEV-Boost Relay

The Aestus MEV-Boost Relay is a neutral, non-censoring block relay for Ethereum proof-of-stake validators and block builders.

Mission Statement

MEV is likely to remain an important component of returns generated by those engaged in ethereum PoS staking. The Aestus relay project developed out of conversations between members of the ethfinance and EthStaker communities who see the need to develop credibly neutral architecture for the Ethereum staking ecosystem.

There is currently a significant lack of diversity within the ethereum MEV relay space. Despite their contributions to the community, current relays are managed by companies and projects with direct financial interests in MEV and related revenue streams. Opaque relationships between relays, searchers and builders make it difficult for stakers to decide which relays to use or trust.

The Aestus relay is MEV infrastructure which we offer to the community as a public good, free from any commercial interest and aligned to principles of credible neutrality:

Relay Information

We are currently operating Ethereum Mainnet and Goerli relays. Both relays are open to public validators and builders.